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City Of
City Of

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Written by Kristina

Angel is sitting alone at a bar, apparently very drunk and talking about Buffy. He is actually watching a group of three male vamps with two human girls. When they leave the bar, he follows them, keeping up the drunken act. When the males vamp out, Angel intervenes. A fight ensues. Angel uses spring-loaded wrist stakes to take out two of the vamps, and stakes the third vampire on the hood of a car. He turns to face the two girls, still vamped out, and upon spotting one of the girl's bleeding cuts, tells them to leave him alone.

Angel makes his way back to his office. He begins to take off the wrist holsters, when he freezes. There is someone else in the office with him. He turns around to see Doyle. Doyle is half-human (his mother's side) and half-demon. When he sneezes, his demon identity shows through (blue skin with spikes all over his face). He tells Angel that he has been sent by the Powers that Be, and proves this by giving Angel a fairly detailed retelling of his history, from his siring to his arrival in L.A. to atone for his past crimes.

Angel and Doyle leave the apartment, and are seen walking along the street. Doyle has been sent to Angel to humanise him, keep him in touch with humanity. Otherwise, one day, he may choose to drink from the victims he's saved. The last human he drank from was Buffy. Doyle also receives brain-splitting visions that are meant for Angel - they are of people Angel needs to help, on his road to redemption. The first victim is Tina, at the Coffee Spot.

Cut to the coffee shop. Tina is a waitress there. Angel walks in, and attempts to strike up a conversation with her. He utterly fails until he catches a coffee cup Tina dropped. She thinks he's stalking her, but when he shows genuine interest in her, she lets Angel know that she gets off at ten.

After Tina's shift, Angel is waiting outside by his convertible. Tina is dressed up in a black dress. She pulls out a can of mace because she thinks that Angel was sent by Russell to check up on her. Angel denies any contact with this Russell, and she believes him. All she wants is to go back home to Missoula. She came to L.A. to be an actress but so far no luck. Angel offers to give her a lift to the party she is going to.

At the party, Angel learns that Russell is someone Tina trusted when she shouldn't have. Feeling awkward, Angel wanders around the apartment, is told by Oliver to call him for an acting job, and is surprised to find Cordelia Chase. The feeling is mutually shared by Cordy. Angel finds Tina, and they leave the party together. Stacy and two other men attack Angel and Tina, and grab Tina. She tries to run away, but is caught and thrown in a car. Angel jumps in his convertible...only to realize that it isn't his, and runs to his convertible to follow them. He crashes with the car Tina is in, and rescues her.

Meanwhile, Cordelia has made her way to her apartment. The wall is falling apart, and her acting career is non-existent. The only call on her answering machine is from her agent telling her that there are no offers for her.

Angel and Tina have made their way back to Angel's office. He lets Tina rest in his bed, while he searches Tina's friend Denise. She tried to get away from Russell, but disappeared off the face of the earth. Angel believes the she was murdered, because he finds a coroner's report on an unidentified woman with the same rose tattoo as Denise. Angel wakes Tina up from a nightmare, and tells her what he has discovered. Russell preys on weak actresses that have no families to take care of them. Unfortunately, Tina spots the piece of paper Doyle wrote her name on, and believes that Russell is paying Angel to play head games with her. She runs back to her apartment, where she packs up her things and a revolver. Russell is there. He vamps out, and bites Tina. Angel arrives to find Tina, dead. The coroner arrives, and zips Tina into a body bag.

Angel and Doyle begin to tail Stacy, an assistant to Russell. Doyle wants Angel to open up, share his feelings, but Angel just wants to get Russell.

Russell is watching video from the party Tina, Cordy and Angel were at. His lawyer, from Wolfram and Hart, has constructed an alibi for him, so Tina's murder can't be blamed on him.

Angel crashes into Stacy's gym equipment building. He has nothing left to lose, and wants to know where Russell is. He knows that Russell is a vampire. He returns to his office after learning where Russell is, and prepares weapons. Doyle is reluctantly coming with him.

Cordy is in her apartment when she receives a phone call from Margo. Russell is interested in her, and wants to meet her. Tonight. She agrees to go. The limo picks her up, and takes her to Russell's mansion. Russell gets Cordy to open up about herself, and make sure that she has no one to care about her. This backfires when Cordy gets weepy, and realizes that Russell has no mirrors in his mansion, and all the windows are covered in curtains. He's a vampire! Meanwhile, Angel and Doyle tie up the security guard at the gate, and Angel enters the grounds surrounding the mansion. He blows fuses in the fuse box, while Russell has vamped out and Cordy is running away from him. Angel confronts Russell, and Cordy states that Russell doesn't know whom he is facing. Russell and Angel are pretty evenly matched, when guards show up to help Russell. Angel and Cordy make a run for it, as Doyle tries to smash the gates with Angel's car. Cordy and Angel make it to the car, and Doyle drives off with them. They "lick their wounds" in Angel's office.

The next day, Angel arrives at Wolfram and Hart, the law firm representing Russell, and skillfully pushes Russell out the window into the harsh light of day. He's ash before he hits the ground.

When Angel arrives back at his office, he calls Buffy in Sunnydale, but when she picks up the phone, he says nothing, then hangs up. Angel learns from Doyle that Cordy knows about his "mission." And she wants to help. Doyle agrees to it, as does Angel.

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