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Written by Kristina

The Shaman from "Awakening" is praying in a sacred space. From a nearby room, sounds of fighting can be heard, and a man is thrown into the Shaman's room. Just as the Shaman remarks that he needs better guards, Connor, Cordy and Wesley enter the room. Wes tells the Shaman that Angel's soul has been stolen, and the Shaman informs them that he has no need for it. It is still safe within the Muo-Ping (container), but without Angel's soul, there is no way to re-ensoul him.

Back at the Hyperion, Angelus is declaring that he realizes that being evil is wrong; he wants to be good again. He's ready to be Angel. Gunn retests his flamethrower, remarking that Angelus probably knew before they did that his soul was missing. Gunn isn't impressed with Wes' plan -- they're stuck with "Darth Vampire" in their basement. When Fred reminds him that he was all for talking to Angelus, Gunn says that maybe he wasn't right. Angelus can hear them, and he taunts Gunn about hitting Fred. He begins to taunt Fred, asking if she loves a good accent. When he begins talking about raping her, Gunn turns off the monitor's sound.

Lilah emerges from the shadows of the basement and approaches Angelus with a crowbar. She is dirty, and her abdomen wound is still bloody. She wants Angelus to stop the Beast. When Angelus begins giving the Beast props, Lilah just wants to know if he can stop him. She's touchy; everyone at Wolfram and Hart is dead, except for her. She wants to know why he is attacking the bad guys.

Upstairs, Gunn is assuring Fred that he doesn't want to hurt her. She wonders what would have happened if Gunn hadn't attacked Wesley. Gunn knows that Wesley was kissing her before he came into the office. She tries to tell him that it just happened, but he's not listening. He knows she let it happen. He's never felt so much for anyone before, but it isn't enough for her. He can't do it anymore; he can't take her looking to everyone but him. His point is illustrated when Wes walks in the front door and she looks at him. When Gunn walks away, Fred says that she can't make anything out of the banishing text. Connor tells her that the Shaman doesn't know who has the soul, or even how to find it. When Gunn looks at the monitor, he curses and grabs a tranquilizer gun. Wes looks at the monitor, and the gang sees that someone is downstairs talking to Angelus.

Lilah hears someone coming down the stairs, and turns to see Gunn shoot a tranquilizer dart at Angelus. Lilah drops her crowbar and flees into a dark corner of the basement. Gunn tells Wes that Lilah ran off into the sewers, and when Connor goes to join him, Gunn makes him wait. He thinks it might be a set up.

Gunn gets Connor to check the locks on Angelus' cage. Connor spots the crowbar Lilah dropped and kicks it away from the cage. Cordy wants to know how Lilah was able to get so close to Angelus. They agree that she might know something, and might have cut a deal with the Beast, being the only surviving member of Wolfram and Hart, but Connor isn't sure that she would have been able to.

In the sewer, Wes is in hot pursuit of Lilah. She jumps out of her hiding place, and tries to hit Wes. She's still weak, and he manages to catch her. Her abdomen wound is bleeding again. Wes knows he told her to go underground, but he never expected for her to be in the sewer. She can't make her wound from the Beast stop bleeding. Wes wants to know how she knew that they had Angelus, and she says that using big magic creates ripples, and she knows people who can feel the ripples. Wes thought she was there to release him, but she was trying to cut a deal with him. She wants her life back -- she's selfish that way. That's why she and Wes would never have worked out. As Wes remarks that there were many reasons why they wouldn't have worked out, he notices her copy of Rhinehardt's Compendium. As he flips through her copy, he realizes it is identical to his copy except for the passage on the Beast (his is missing it). She got hers on the pan-dimensional black market, which leads Wes to believe that something has wiped out all information of the Beast in this dimension.

Gunn, Connor and Cordy are discussing how someone (whether or not it is Lilah) is doing the Beast's dirty work -- that's how Manny was killed and the Priestesses were slaughtered. Angelus calls them morons when they think the Beast has minions; the Beast is the minion. There is something worse than the Beast - the Beast's master. The Beast Angelus met was more into random smash and slaughter; he couldn't plan something as elaborate as the rain of fire and blocking out the sun.

Wes has brought Lilah back to the hotel to find Fred, Connor and Cordy watching Angelus through the monitor. Lilah didn't take Angelus' soul, but Gunn doesn't believe her. She opens her coat to ask if they want to search her, and reveals the wound the Beast gave her. Cordy is still skeptical about Lilah's involvement with the Beast. Gunn fills Wes in on Angelus' theory that the Beast is the minion of something larger. Wes fills them in on the passage he found in Lilah's copy of Rhindehardt's. All references to the Beast in their dimension were wiped out, including Angel's memory of the Beast. Gunn grabs his flamethrower, and despite Fred's pleas, heads into the basement to guard Angelus.

Angelus is complimenting Gunn - he knows his strengths, and doesn't try to change; he knows where he fits in. He then turns to ribbing Gunn about what a great job Angel Investigations has done. They've let chaos take over Los Angeles. At least Gunn's got the love of a good woman -- until she dumps him. When Gunn remarks that it is her life, Angelus realizes that something has happened. Angelus says it was easy to see it coming, especially after the murder of her old professor. When Gunn looks wide-eyed at Angelus, Angelus says that even Angel noticed; things changed between them. When Angelus remarks that Gunn just wasn't dark enough for Fred, Gunn triggers the flamethrower.

Fred and Wes are researching together, when Fred announces it is hopeless. The only way to restore Angel's soul is to use the Orb of Thesulah, but that only works if his soul isn't floating around in the Muo-Ping. She closes the book, but Wes urges her to keep researching; they will find a way to give Angel back his soul. Wes wants Fred to tell Gunn that he didn't mean for them to fall out, but Fred says he won't listen -- they're not together anymore. Things haven't been right between them in a while. As Wesley tries to explain why he isn't sorry, Lilah and Cordy enter the room. Lilah doesn't seem too upset when Fred announces that there hasn't been any progress. Wes heads into the basement to relieve Gunn, and Fred goes to meet Lorne out in the lobby. He hasn't been able to find out anything. Lilah suggests they free Angelus and let him kill the Beast, but nobody wants that to happen. Lilah walks away, and Cordy begins a pep speech. When Lilah interrupts her, Cordy accuses her of being afraid of having something to believe in. Lilah turns around, and lets everyone know the reason why she's survived so long is because she is what she believes in. She knows that nobody is going to be able to save them from the Beast's master. As she continues her rant, Cordy's head snaps back and her eyes go all white. She knows how to re-ensoul Angel.

Fred heads into the basement to tell Wes about Cordy's vision. When Angelus says the Powers probably are helping them out because they suck, Fred gets testy. Angelus remarks on her spunk, saying she isn't the same "bitch cow" they pulled out of Pylea. As Fred and Wes leave the basement, Angelus remarks on how damn near perfect Wes is, and how he would have been perfect if he wasn't banging Lilah for the past six months. Fred looks at Wes, and doesn't believe Angelus until she sees the guilt on Wes' face.

Gunn and Connor are digging in the ground for the soul-eater Cordy saw in her vision. They need the skull to re-ensoul. They finally strike the box, and Gunn enters the hole to open it. As he heads down, a hand reaches out of the box and grabs Gunn's throat. Connor stabs the creature, and when they go to attack it again, it is gone. The soul-eater is fast, and a fight ensues between it and Connor. The soul-eater is winning, and begins to extract Connor's soul, but Gunn enters the fray and chops off its arm and then the head.

In a cave, the Beast is thanking its Master, and makes an offering of a knife created from its bones.

Cordy and Fred are walking around the lobby, preparing for Cordy's spell. Cordy remarks how she never has happy puppy visions just as Connor and Gunn come through the door. She closes her eyes, and then tells Connor and Gunn she only sees the skull, not the other stuff on it, so Connor and Gunn head off to the kitchen to clean it. Lilah enters the room, and no love is lost between her and Lorne. He leaves.

Wes thought Lilah would have already left by now. She's going to wait around to see if the Powers That Be (TPTB) actually pull through for the good guys. She has her doubts.

Cordy and the gang are in the basement setting up the spell in front of Angelus' cage. He can't believe they are going to use black magic -- like that has ever gone well. Everyone is snapping at Angelus and Lilah to shut up, which makes Angelus chuckle. The "heroes" are so tangled up in their own problems, they wouldn't be able to find the world to save it. He tells them that Angel finally gave up his soul because he gave up on them. Cordy ignores Angelus, and begins the spell. To the bitter end, Angelus is reminding them that they are huge losers. Smoke envelopes him, and he falls to the floor. Angel looks up from the floor at the group. Lorne thinks the spell worked, but Connor is skeptical. Angel apologizes for grabbing Fred, and Wes suggests that he sing for Lorne. They need to make sure it really is Angel. Angel reluctantly sings, and Lorne proudly announces Angel is back. The gang wants to let Angel out of the cage, but Angel refuses. It's not safe yet; they don't know if the spell is going to work permanently. He's going to give orders from the basement, but in order for them to win, they need to forget about their personal problems. Angel gives his orders, and the group, save Cordy, head upstairs.

Cordy isn't impressed with Angel's decision to stay in the cage; she won't take orders from him. She talks him into leaving his cage; he just might be their only hope. She unlocks the cage and when she offers him her hand, he vamps out. It was Angelus all along, stringing the gang on. She hits him in the groin, allowing herself time to get into the cage, away from him. Her plan doesn't work, because he grabs through the cage bars, and knocks her unconscious. As she slumps to the ground, he heads up the stairs to continue his charade.

Pretending to be Angel, Angelus talks to Fred. When he remarks that he's thirsty, Fred looks at him wide-eyed, prompting him to remark on why he didn't want to let them extract his soul. He wants to give her a hug, when they hear something crash in the lobby. Lilah has dropped a pile of coffee mugs, and looks guilty. Wes notices Angelus, and Angelus says Cordy let him out. He has his own mission, but he has to go at it alone; he is going to save the world. After Angelus leaves, Fred comes out of the office wondering where Cordy is. All eyes turn to the monitor to see Cordy unconscious in the cage.

Gunn is giving orders, preparing the group for hunting down Angelus. Cordy sits with an ice bag on her head, wondering why her spell didn't work. Lilah isn't surprised; it was a huge deus ex machina. Lilah and Cordy stay back at the hotel as the rest of the group begins to trail Angelus.

Angelus is out and about in Los Angeles, but there's no fun for him. Many humans have been turned into vampires, including the little girl Angelus grabs.

Back at the hotel, Lilah and Cordy are talking about Cordy's failed spell. She wants to know what it is all for. At this moment, Angelus leaps down from the balcony into the lobby. Lilah shoots at him with her gun, but she runs out of bullets. Cordy shoots an arrow at Angelus, but he catches it and throws it into her leg. Lilah takes off, and Angelus pursues her, letting Cordy know that Lilah is only the warm up.

In the streets, Connor loses Angelus' scent. The gang is confused until Fred determines that Angelus doubled back to the hotel to cause the most damage. They all head back to the truck.

Lilah is patrolling the hallways of the Hyperion with a battle axe, when Angelus jumps out at her. He lunges at her, but she pushes him into a stairwell. He falls down the stairs, and she pushes a cart down on top of him and runs off. It's a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and Lilah's wound is bleeding profusely. She looks like she is in the clear, but an arm reaches out and grabs her throat. It is Cordy. Lilah tells Cordy that Angelus is going to kill them. Cordy just smiles and stabs Lilah in the neck with the knife the Beast offered his master.

Cordy let Angelus out on purpose.

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