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Blind Date
Blind Date

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Written by Kristina

A man is selling two toy soldiers to two young boys, when a blind woman comes down the sidewalk towards them. The vendor moves some trucks out of her way. Meanwhile, Angel is in a warehouse, fighting two vampires. He succeeds in staking the both of them, but before he leaves, he hears someone groaning. A man stumbles into the warehouse, clutching his stomach. He slides down the wall, and when Angel goes to see if he is still alive, the blind woman grabs him by the throat, and throws him against the wall. The woman avoids Angel's blows, and manages to land many of her own. Finally, Angel manages to knock off her glasses, and we see that her eyes are all white. She throws him across the room, and escapes.

The next day, Wesley is researching blind demons, but he can't find any. He thinks it is quite possible that the woman Angel encountered is human. Cordy searches on the 'net for information on 'blind woman murder' and comes up with one match - Vanessa Brewer. She has been arrested on three occasions already, but she has never been charged - her lawyers always got her off.

Vanessa is sitting in a courtroom, without her sunglasses. Her lawyer, Lindsey McDonald, is defending her, saying it is inconceivable that she would physically be able to commit the crime with which she is charged. Angel walks into the courtroom, and throws something at Vanessa, which she catches easily. The courtroom erupts, and the judge tries to bring it back to order. Lindsey turns around to see Angel escape from the courtroom. Vanessa puts her dark glasses (which Angel just threw to her) back on.

Although Vanessa is blind, she can still see. Angel believes that she is working for Wolfram and Hart, because they are defending her pro bono.

Lindsey is watching Vanessa confer with a group of older men at Wolfram and Hart, when Lee comes up behind Lindsey to congratulate him. Lee thinks Vanessa is hot, and says he thinks she's into Lindsey. He leaves Lindsey, and Lindsey walks over to Vanessa. Holland Manners introduces Lindsey to Bill and Chuck (the two other older men around Vanessa), and when they leave with Vanessa, Holland takes Lindsey into an office to talk to him. He's noticed that Lindsey has been stressed out this past year, and that he has made some poor choices. Holland would like to see Lindsey move up in the company, because he is fond of him. Holland tells Lindsey that when he was the same age, he went through the same listlessness. He tells Lindsey that the only way to snap out of it is to find his place in the world. Then, Holland abruptly switches the topic of conversation to Vanessa's horrible, abusive childhood. She is going to do another job for Wolfram and Hart, and requires a strong defense, and alibis. She is going to take care of a new threat - some children.

The phone rings in Angel's office, and after picking it up, he throws it into the wall. Vanessa was acquitted. He doesn't understand how he can fight evil if the law system refuses to put evil behind bars. Cordy reminds him that it isn't his fault, but he doesn't accept that. He doesn't belong in this world - not when the ball is always in Wolfram and Hart's court. Angel remembers what it was like to live in Wolfram and Hart's world - no guilt, torment, nor consequences. At this point, Lindsey walks into Angel's office, saying he needs help. He wants out.

Angel and Lindsey are alone in Angel's office, as Lindsey explains the situation to Angel. Angel doesn't believe Lindsey - he can smell his fear. Lindsey reveals part of his childhood to an apathetic Angel - Lindsey's family was so poor, they didn't have shoes or a toilet. Their house was repossessed, and they couldn't do anything to stop it. Lindsey tells Angel there are two choices you can make in life - be stepped on, or do the stepping on. Finally, Lindsey tells Angel about Wolfram and Hart's plan to have Vanessa kill some kids. Lindsey only knows that the kids are from overseas, and the job is scheduled to happen in a couple of days. Angel needs more information to go on, and Lindsey says they are files at the firm - but he's not going back there to get them. If he does, he's a dead man. Angel considers that as an acceptable risk.

In the outer office, Lindsey, Angel, Wesley and Cordy are planning the break-in to obtain the files. Angel will have to burn his way into the vault through the sewer system. Angel will need to use Lindsey's pass to get into the vault, and security is very tight. Lindsey tells Angel that a Preggothian demon guards the vault, and Wesley says that he will make a battle profile for Angel. Suddenly, Lindsey realizes that there are shamans at Wolfram and Hart that can sense when a vampire crosses over the threshold into the building. Angel has a plan to take care of this.

That night, Angel heads over into Gunn's neighborhood, and finds Gunn. He wants to know if Gunn can find a vampire, in the interest of justice and doing the right thing. Gunn isn't interested, however, until Angel tells him that it will be dangerous.

Lindsey walks into Wolfram and Hart, putting on his security badge, while Angel cuts a hole into the roof of the sewers. Lindsey steps into an elevator, and descends to sublevel three. He walks down a deserted hallway, and Lilah almost runs into him. She has been doing some research. After Lilah leaves, Lindsey hides his pass, then heads back upstairs.

Angel has removed his coveralls, to reveal a business suit.

Lindsey approaches the security office, and begins talking to the officer, Howard. He spots Gunn through the monitor. In the lobby, Gunn addresses the security guards there. He is loud, and after a final check of his watch, calls in two of his guys carrying a bundle. At the same time, Angel enters Wolfram and Hart. The shaman wearing the red robe in the security office squeals, and Lindsey watches Gunn through the monitor. Gunn and his guys release the figure in the bundle - a vampire.

Lindsey watches as Angel walks through the hallway in sublevel three, and snatches the security pass. He leaves the office, as the guards in the lobby have a short fight with the vampire there. The fight ends with the vamp's dusting.

Angel runs Lindsey's card through a lock, and punches in a code. A door slides open, but he turns to face an ugly demon that is growling behind him. Angel opens his hand, and blows some powder into the demon's face. It freezes, and Angel pushes it to the ground, thanking Wesley. Angel enters the vault, and begins placing labeled CD cases into his case. As he leaves, a round metal tube covered with symbols attracts his attention. He hesitates, then reaches out to grab it. An alarm goes off, and a grate lowers to block his way out. He slides headfirst under the grate, and then calls Lindsey, telling him to get out - they have what they need. Lindsey spots two security guards, and begins to change his direction, but the guards are herding everyone along. Lilah announces that a sweep is going on.

A group of lawyers are lined up against a wall, as two mind readers slowly walk down the line. They turn back to Holland, and he turns to face the lawyers. Holland stands in front of Lindsey, and begins speaking about what a shame it is for him to hear of disloyalty. After looking at Lindsey, Holland moves in front of Lee. Lee has been in secret talks with Klein and Gabler, another law firm. Lee tries to explain that the readers have misread him, but a security guard steps up behind him, and shoots him in the head. Holland dismisses the lawyers, but asks to speak with Lindsey.

Angel returns to his office, and learns that Lindsey didn't make it back. Angel sets the files on Cordy's desk, and says he is not sure which one contains the information they want. Wesley notices the metal tube in Angel's briefcase, and asks him what it is. Angel isn't sure, and Wesley pulls out a roll of parchment, written with Ancient Aramaic. Cordy has discovered that the CD is encrypted, and the other disks probably are as well.

As a guard drags Lee's body out of the room, Holland tells Lindsey that he knows he has allied himself with Angel, stolen important documents, and tried to sabotage a case. Holland reminds Lindsey that he could have him killed with a nod of his head. Lindsey is having a crisis of faith - he wants out of Wolfram and Hart. Holland reminds Lindsey that he believes Lindsey has it in him to find the truth.

Cordy calls Willow, asking help for un-encrypting the files. Wesley and Angel watch, impatiently. Cordy lets Angel and Wesley know that Willow's been trying to un-encrypt files all day as well ("Primeval"). After Willow gets Cordy around the encryption, Cordy hangs up. They all gather around the desk to look at the computer screen, and find the personnel file on Vanessa Brewer. She lost her sight when she was twenty-one (self-inflicted), and studied for five years with the Nanjin (monks that believe in seeing with the heart, not the mind). They search through the file to find her current job - three children who are seers. Wesley refers to them as a "holy triumvirate", whose power will mature with their age. At this point, Lindsey walks in, and says they are a threat to Wolfram and Hart because of that. They have to move fast, because now that Wolfram and Hart knows the files are missing, they won't delay acting fast. Cordy and Wesley are to intercept the children's mentor, and Lindsey and Angel will go to the safe house.

In the safe house, an older man is serving the children sandwiches and hot chocolate. He gets up, and walks into Vanessa's cane. He falls to the floor, dead, as Vanessa stands in front of the children. She is about to stab the first one, when Angel pulls her away. As Angel and Vanessa fight, Lindsey makes his way over to the children. Vanessa focuses on him, instead of Angel, until Angel resumes attacking her. She throws him up against the wall, and when he lands, he stays perfectly still. Vanessa scans the room, but can't find him. He waits to get to his feet until her back is turned. She throws some hits in his general direction, but nothing connects. Angel hits her with a hard punch, and she goes down. He freezes again, and she looks for him. He moves to the side, then freezes. He repeats this several times more, until Vanessa is finally in front of him. When she almost hits him with her cane, he turns it on her. She falls to the ground. Lindsey tells the three children that everything is all right.

Angel is sitting in his office, as Wesley comes in carrying the roll of parchment. He tells Angel that the children are safe, and have an important role to play, as does Angel. Wesley believes the roll of parchment is the Prophecies of Aberjian. There is an entire passage about a vampire with a soul - Angel. Angel doesn't seem surprised by this at all.

Lindsey walks into Holland's office, carrying the stolen disk. Holland is packing up his things, but turns to look at Lindsey. Lindsey returns the disks, after having made a few copies to guarantee his safety. He wants to have his own life, but Holland reminds him that they are all part of something larger. Holland handpicked Lindsey when he was still in school, because he had potential. Holland tells Lindsey that he is different now - he faced Wolfram and Hart, and won. Holland needs people like that working for him. He offers Lindsey a new job, and his office - he is moving upstairs. Holland picks up his box, and leaves. Lindsey leans against the desk, and after a moment, he closes the office doors, and sits down in the chair. He explores the feeling of the desk and phone, then turns the chair to look out at the city lights, as is Angel.

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