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Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Slouching Towards Bethlehem

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Written by Kristina

A family is stuck in an alley, the engine of their minivan unable to turn over. Connor appears, and asks the teenager if he is okay. Of course, the teen gets the wrong impression about Connor, and gets scared, but all Connor wants to do is help. A tow truck pulls up, lights flashing, and rock music blaring. But the men in the tow truck aren't there to help - they are vampires. They lounge toward the family, but Connor makes short of the vampire going for the mom and teen in the car, and then finishes off the other vamp with gas and a cigarette lighter. Connor watches from the outside as the family comforts each other.

Connor sneaks inside the hotel, when he sees Cordy in her long white gown. He watches unseen.

Angel, Fred and Gunn are overjoyed to see Cordy back, but she has no memory of who they are, or who she is. She only remembers numbers, animals, flossing, and anything that is general knowledge. Angel tells Cordy who she is, and that she works with them. She's been gone a long time, but she is safe now because she is with her friends. Connor steps back into the shadows before Cordy looks over to where he was standing. Fred thinks Cordy might have amnesia, and Gunn suggests they take her to the hospital, but Cordy doesn't want to go.

When Angel notices Lorne approaching the lobby from the garden, he sends Gunn into the garden to "look" for some of her things (i.e. give Lorne the lowdown and keep him out of sight). Angel then asks Fred to help him check his office, leaving Cordy in the lobby, puzzled.

Fred wants to tell Cordy everything - that they fight demons, Angel's a vampire - the whole nine yards, but Angel resists. He doesn't want to freak her out. They aren't sure why she is back, but Fred thinks that anything is possible, given where Cordy has been.

While in the lobby, Cordy takes stock of her surroundings. She sees a bladed weapon before Angel and Fred come back out of the office to say they haven't found anything of hers. The phone rings, but Angel lets the machine get it, and Cordy hears her own voice. When the caller (Murray) starts talking about demons and demon spawn, Fred grabs the phone. She and Gunn head out to resolve the situation, while Angel stays at the hotel to help Cordy settle in.

Angel takes Cordy up to a room in the hotel where all of her belongings have been stored. Angel tells Cordy that Fred and Gunn moved all her things over here from her old apartment when she went missing. She doesn't recognize anything as hers - not even the shoes she wore to the ballet ("Waiting in the Wings"). Cordy then kicks Angel out of the room - she doesn’t want to try and remember things that night.

Cordy's facing a mirror, trying to become comfortable hearing her own name. She goes over to her high school yearbook, and starts reading messages written by fellow students. She's confused, as the comments all pertain to the Mayor's ascension and the high school burning down - not to mention flaming arrows ("Graduation Day Part 2"). She spots a box with pictures of her, and starts going through them, alternating between liking her haircut and being appalled. She begins to think she was a spy, when she sees a picture of her holding baby Connor with Angel.

Cordy walks out of her room, and into the hallway. When she hears a voice singing, she follows it. Lorne is working with a client - a demon that likes snacking on humans. Lorne senses someone outside the door, but Cordy is gone before he could see her.

Cordy makes her way down to the lobby, where Angel is moving large mugs of blood off of the counter. Cordy comes over to the counter, and sees a drop of blood - she freaks out. When she hears Fred and Gunn enter the hotel, she hides behind the counter. Fred and Gunn are both covered in pink goo, carrying weapons. They lay them down on the counter, not knowing that Cordy is on the other side of it. They talk about the babies (i.e. demon babies) they killed. Blood is forming in a droplet above Cordy's head from one of the weapons, so she jumps out of the way, and is spotted by Fred and Gunn. She runs, and hits the weapons cabinet, knocking out a bunch of weapons. Angel tries to stop Cordy, to explain what is going on, but Cordy runs outs into the garden.

In the garden, Cordy is attacked by two men in black. She fights them off before Angel, Fred and Gunn can arrive to help her. She's convinced that she is a spy, and they are spies as well. Angel tells her that no one in the hotel is a spy, and that her attackers are men from Wolfram and Hart. Angel reminds Cordy that she is among friends, and takes her back into the hotel.

Angel and Cordy are up in her room. Cordy shows Angel a picture of Connor, wanting to know if she is a mother. Angel tells her that Connor is his son, but that they weren't a family. Cordy leans in for a kiss, wanting to know if they were together. Angel leans in as well, when Cordy pulls back suddenly. She thinks she might have been a nun because of all the rosaries she had. She puts them into Angel's hands, and he vamps out from the pain of having crucifixes in his hands. Cordy screams and runs out of the hotel room.

While running the hallway, Cordy runs into Lorne, and starts trying to beat him off. Angel runs into the lobby, and tries to stop Cordy from running some more. Cordy wants to know answers, and she wants them now. She wants to know why she wasn't told the truth from the start. The group gathers around, and they tell Cordy the truth - about everything. Cordy knows why she doesn't remember all this - who would want to! They convince Cordy to sing a song, so Lorne can read her, and see if there is anything he can discover. She's not sure which song to pick, but Angel tells her to pick anything. Cordy begins singing "The Greatest Love of All" (which she sang - also poorly - in "The Puppet Show"). Lorne looks shocked and upset, and he makes a quick exit. Angel tells Cordy she wasn't that bad a singer - the song just reminds Lorne of someone. While Angel goes off to find Lorne, Fred and Gunn try to convince Cordy to stay at the hotel. Cordy doesn't want to talk to Angel's sidekicks - she wants to talk to Angel.

Angel knocks on Lorne's door - he wants to know what Lorne saw. Lorne tells Angel it's bad, and then tells him to leave. He needs to get himself drunk again, before he is once again sick. Angel is persistent, and Lorne finally tells Angel he saw Evil - "slouching towards Bethlehem" - and it's coming to stay.

Lilah and Wesley are in bed together, cuddling. Lilah tells Wesley that they are no longer a secret - both the firm and Angel know what they are up to. Wesley doesn't care if people know about their relationship. Suddenly, Lilah climbs onto Wesley, and says that he owes her a dollar - he said "relationship" first. He signs the dollar for her, and then gives it to her. Once again, they snuggle.

Cordy is wandering the hallways of the Hyperion, looking for Angel, when Lorne's client comes forward. His mouth opens, and another mouth comes out of it. Yet again, Cordy freaks out, and is pursued by the client. Connor jumps down on top of the client, and when the client tries to get up, Connor throws a dagger into this stomach. Connor tells Cordy it isn't safe, and she leaves with him before Angel can show up in the lobby.

Fred, Angel and Gunn are gathered around the corpse of Lorne's client, trying to figure out what happened. Angel is panicking - he's worried about Cordy. He doesn't want her to get caught by Wolfram and Hart - not with her memory gone, and the horrible vision in her head. Lorne walks in, and tells the group that the corpse was of a client of his that had a habit of snacking on humans. When Fred wants to know how bad the vision was, Lorne tells her it might be a good idea to start with the Book of Revelations. Angel hands out weapons to Fred and Gunn, and says they are going to go searching for Cordy.

Connor has taken Cordy back to where he is staying - a natural history museum. Connor says he was back helping Cordy, because she was nice to him once. When he tells her his name, she realizes that he is Angel's baby - but grown up. Connor apologizes for trying to kill her once, and she thanks him. He is the only person that has told her the truth from the start.

Still in bed, Lilah and Wesley are sleeping. Lilah's phone rings and she answers it. She walks over to the door, where she learns that Cordy's back. Wesley listens in, but when Lilah comes back to bed to get dressed, Wesley pretends to just be waking up. As Lilah leaves, the signed dollar bill Wesley gave her falls to the floor.

Cordy is sleeping, while Connor is rigging up a security system for her. He has to go out. Cordy's scared - she's trying to remember little things, but she can't. When she starts crying, Connor tries to comfort her by saying she likes shoes, donuts and that she is very brave.

Fred and Gunn are looking over a map of LA, trying to figure out where Cordy could be. Angel tells them they have to widen their search, because someone has to know where she is. Wesley enters the lobby, and says that he knows. Wolfram and Hart are planning to extract her, and that Connor might not be able to protect her.

Connor and Cordy are both sleeping on the bed - Connor has his arm around Cordy. Suddenly, Connor clamps down on Cordy's mouth and tells her that someone is there. Men clad in black enter the room, and Connor throws Cordy a sword - hopefully she still remembers how to fight. She does. Even though she and Connor are holding their own, the men in black begin to overpower them. That is, until Angel, Fred and Gunn come to their rescue.

Lilah watches the fight unfold with the aid of cameras. A man, Carlo, enters the room where Lilah is and tells her that "it's done." Lilah's pleased, and tells him she is heading home. Carlo sends a message to the fighters, and they all leave.

Angel wants to know if Cordy is alright, to which she replies that she is. He wants to take her back to the hotel, but Cordy feels safer staying with Connor. He can teach her how to fight, but more importantly, he hasn't told her anything that hasn't been the truth. Angel accepts this, and as he leaves with Gunn and Fred, he tells Connor to keep Cordy safe.

Wesley is pacing in his apartment. He spots the dollar bill, and isn't too happy.

Angel, Fred and Gunn arrive back at the hotel. Fred tries to comfort Angel by saying she would have chosen Angel over Connor. Fred tells Angel to give her time - she's just confused. Angel stops when he hears a noise coming from the office. They bust in to find Lorne bound and gagged, with a hole in his head. They revive him, but he is too weak to speak. Wolfram and Hart did this to him - they knew he'd read Cordy, and they extracted this information from him, completely against his will. What happened at Connor's apartment was only meant to distract them.

Wesley knocks on Lilah's door, and she opens it. She seems surprised that Wesley has dropped by. When he walks inside, Wesley accuses Lilah of playing him, but she says he only played himself. He didn't have to share his knowledge with the Fang Gang, but he did. Lilah reminds Wesley that if she thought he would ever trust her, she never would have played him.

In the attic of the museum, Cordy is sleeping on the bed, while Connor sits in the window, watching. Meanwhile, Angel stands at his patio doors, looking out into the night.

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The Usual

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