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The Bachelor Party
The Bachelor Party

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Written by Kristina

Angel is sitting in his office, reading a book while Doyle paces impatiently. He wants Angel to go out, get a little bit of excitement. He suggests a sports bar, but it doesn't really matter where they go. He just wants to get out of the office until Cordy's date picks her up. She enters, wearing a stunning black dress. She can't help rubbing in the fact that Pierce (her date) has money, and many other luxuries. Pierce arrives to pick her up, and Angel strikes up a brief conversation with Pierce about where he is taking Cordy, and his job. After they leave, Doyle laments about how Cordy will never fall for his charms. And if she found out about his demon heritage, his chances at getting together with her would be even slimmer. As he flips through one of Angel's books, a picture of Buffy falls out of it. Angel isn't very comfortable about Doyle finding the picture, but Doyle falls back onto the sofa with a vision. A young guy is chained up in a vampire's nest downtown. Angel and Doyle head off to save him.

At the restaurant, Cordy is bored out of her mind. Pierce keeps on talking about playing the stock market. She feigns interest as Pierce continues on. Meanwhile, Angel and Doyle are fighting the vampires from Doyle's vision. Doyle is thrown against a wall, and for a brief moment, his face goes spiky. He shakes it off, as Angel stakes a vampire about to attack Doyle. They both pick up the guy from Doyle's vision, and begin to take him home. Angel wants to know why Doyle doesn't fight as the demon, and Doyle says that it isn't his style. Angel tells Doyle that he can handle taking the guy home, so Doyle heads back to the office. Unbeknownst to him, he is followed by a large vampire. Just as he gets to the office, Pierce's convertible pulls up. Cordy didn't feel well, so Pierce brought her back to her car so she could go home. He offers to walk her to her car, when the large vampire that followed Doyle jumps out at them. The vampire grabs Cordy, and Pierce jumps into his car and drives off, leaving Cordy alone. Doyle steps out of the shadows, and aims his crossbow at the vampire. He doesn't want to hit Cordy, so he aims a bolt at the vampire's foot. In pain, the vampire throws Cordy away from himself, and goes after Doyle. They fight, and Doyle manages to stake the vampire. Doyle turns to Cordy, to make sure she is alright. She can't believe how brave Doyle was. She's grateful that he was there to protect her.

The next day, Angel is sitting at his desk, going through some papers. Cordy is complaining about how Pierce turned out to be a dud. She blames it on Angel and Doyle; because of them, she expects men to be brave and interesting. Angel thinks she may be changing, which Cordy finds disastrous. And she tells Angel about how Doyle saved her the previous night. It's confused her even more - there is more to Doyle than she thought there was at first. She tells Angel that she'll be back - she's going to take Doyle out for a moccachino.

Doyle is re-enacting last night's fight, when Cordy walks up to him. She tells him that she was wrong in thinking he had zero potential. And she really appreciated his saving her last night. Before she can carry on, a beautiful blonde woman walks into the office. She turns to Doyle, and greets him as Francis. Doyle is extremely uncomfortable. He turns to Cordy, and introduces the woman as Harry, his wife. They hug, and begin to catch up. Cordy can't believe what she is watching. Angel walks in, and Cordy introduces him to Harry. Doyle tells Harry that he is a private investigator now, and Cordy and Angel are his helpers. Before Cordy can correct him, Angel elbows her in the back. Harry and Doyle are still married. At one point, they were madly in love with each other, but times changed. Harry and Doyle are about to go off to talk alone, when a man sticks his head into the office. Richard comes in, and shakes Angel's hand, thinking he is Doyle. Richard apologizes when he realizes he was mistaken - the wedding is only a couple of days away. Angel pulls Cordy off of the couch, and head towards his office, to give Doyle, Richard and Harry some privacy. Doyle can't believe that Harry is marrying Richard; he doesn't approve of him. Harry didn't come for Doyle's approval; she came to get him to sign the divorce papers. She'll be back for them in a couple of days.

In Angel's apartment, Angel is pouring drinks for himself and Doyle. Doyle tells Angel that he and Harry lost touch after the split up. He changed, and she left. He didn't know that he was a demon until he turned twenty-one, which was after he married Harry. Richard seems like a good man for her. Angel says that he did seem friendly, and is about to say something else, when Doyle jumps in, and says that Richard was no good. He asks Angel if he would trail the guy, and Angel agrees. He just won't tell Cordy, otherwise she'll charge Doyle.

Richard is walking down a dark street. A black car stops at the corner, and Richard leans in to pick up a small package. He lets himself into a restaurant, as Angel watches. Harry is walking through the kitchen, carrying a small box. Richard and Harry are laughing about their honeymoon, and Richard leaves to go into the wine pantry. He pours himself some wine, then changes into a red-faced demon. He walks back towards the kitchen, picking up a knife along the way. When Richard approaches Harry from behind with the knife, Angel jumps in through a window and tackles him. Richard doesn't fight back. Harry stops Angel, and tells him that she knows Richard is a demon. Harry knows that Doyle put Angel up to this. She tells Angel to tell Doyle that she is in good hands - Richard's family owns a restaurant, and he is an Ano-movic demon. Angel is confused; he thought Harry freaked out when she discovered Doyle was a demon. She did, but then she adjusted. She tried to convince Doyle to accept his demon side, but he wouldn't.

Back at Angel's apartment, Angel fills Doyle in on what happened at the restaurant. Doyle can't believe it, until he finally realizes that Harry was right. She left because of him, not because he was half-demon. He gets up with a sigh, and signs the divorce papers. Later, he hands them over to Harry. Harry goes to copy them, and Richard has a talk with Doyle. Harry tells Cordy that Richard wants to invite Doyle to his bachelor party, because they want his blessing before the marriage. Harry invites Cordy to come to her shower, and Cordy accepts.

At Richard's family's house, they are sitting down at a table, planning out the bachelor party. Richard is hesitant about eating bad food and having a stripper, but his father and brother tell him that that is what bachelor parties are all about. His father reads a list of events for the party: "Greeting. Drinking. Food. Drinking. Stripper. Darts. Ritual eating of first husband's brains. Charades."

That night, Doyle and Angel walk up to the restaurant for the bachelor party. Richard introduces them to his male family members, and offers them a drink. He wants to know what Harry was like during the years that Doyle had her.

At Harry's shower, Harry is telling Cordy what it was like to be married to Doyle. He took charge, which was nice, but she didn't like being treated as a student - one of Doyle's third graders in fact. Cordy can't believe what she is hearing. She thinks that maybe Doyle was using that as a cover story, but Harry says that Doyle was a teacher before they met at the food bank, where he volunteered.

Later at the party, Richard and Doyle are talking. Richard tells Doyle that he feels like he's been living in Doyle's shadow, and that he wants Doyle's blessing before he marries Harry. Before Doyle can respond, Richard's family sits him down in a chair, and the stripper comes up to him, and begins her routine. Angel goes over to Doyle to see if he is okay. When Doyle says he is okay, Angel follows Richard's brother and cousin into an attic. He watches Richard's father perform what looks like a ritual, complete with chanting. At the bridal party, Cordy's cell phone rings. Angel wants to speak with Harry; he wants a translation of the Aratuscan Richard's father was chanting. Harry says she'll check out the family library. Angel hangs up with her, and turns around, accidentally bumping into one of Richard's cousins. The cousin is irritated, and punches Angel. Angel retaliates, but more of Richard's family comes, and a brawl ensues. They throw Angel headfirst out onto the roof, and watch as he lands on the ground, unconcious.

The stripper leaves, and Richard goes to sit with Doyle at the bar. Doyle thought about what Richard said, and he gives Richard his blessing to marry Harry. Richard announces to the room that Doyle gave his blessing. The men that beat up Angel come into the room, and push Doyle into a red box with a hole in the top. His head just sticks out. Richard thanks Doyle for his sacrifice, as Richard's family morphs into their red demon faces. Someone gives Doyle an injection which numbs his skull. Doyle watches as Richard is handed a curved knife.

Harry and Cordy are looking through some books, when Harry figures out the ritual Richard's father was doing had something to do with ingesting past love. Harry gets up to talk to Richard's family, and Aunt Martha jokingly says they aren't going to eat her ex-husband's brains. Harry and Cordy hurry out of the house, towards the restaurant.

Doyle is calling out for Angel to help him, when Richard says that Angel had to be ejected for starting a fight. Richard's father and brother, Nick, argue over what type of utensil Richard should use to eat Doyle's brains. Angel finally gets up, and changes to his vampire face. Before Richard can cut into Doyle's skull, Angel bursts in. He fights off Richard's family, and during the fight, Doyle's box gets battered around. The lock snaps open, and Doyle allows his demon face to show. He joins the fight as well for a short time before Harry and Cordy enter the restaurant. Angel looks up, his human face showing. Cordy is enranged that they would try to eat Doyle's brains, and when she sees Doyle, still in demon face, she attacks him, thinking he is one of the attackers. Angel stops Cordy, giving Doyle the opportunity to morph back into his human face. Harry confronts Richard over how he was going to deceive her. Harry knows that the family hardly follows the ancient teaches, and she would never consent to this ritual. Richard tells her that his family will never consent to the marriage without the ritual. Harry looks at Richard, then turns to look at Doyle. She looks back at Richard, before looking away for one last time. Richard looks down at his hand to see the engagement ring he gave Harry. Harry leaves, and Angel, Doyle and Cordy follow her.

Angel and Cordy are watching Doyle from Angel's office. Angel says Doyle is still pretty hung up over Harry, but Cordy thinks that someone needs to go out there and cheer Doyle up. When Angel gets up to go, she stops him. Doyle needs someone with a heartbeat. As she walks over to Doyle, Angel follows. When Cordy gets over to Doyle, she asks him if he is going to be loser-pining guy full-time, because they already have one of those guys around the office. Angel and Doyle are both offended by this, and Angel tells Cordy that he thinks they've had enough cheering up for one day. Cordy tells Doyle that he has to let go - nice guys don't always finish last. And she only says stuff that she thinks, so Doyle can count on it. Doyle says he's feeling better, but is then hit by a vision. He sees blurry images of Buffy fighting. When the vision is over, Angel asks Doyle what he saw. Doyle looks over at Angel and swallows.

The Usual
The Usual

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Random Quotage:

I helped save the world, you know.
Like I haven't.
Yeah, but I've done it a lot more.
Oh, please.
I closed the hellmouth.
I've done that.
Yeah, you wore a necklace. You know, I helped kill the mayor and, uh, and Jasmine andó
Do those really count as savin' the world?
I stopped Acathla. That saved the world.
Buffy ran you through with a sword.
Yeah, but I made her do it. I signaled her with my eyes.
She killed you. I helped her! That one counts as mine.
-Angel and Spike (The Girl in Question)


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